Like many of you… I don’t exactly fit the stereotypical political box. I see the balance of being conservative with our tax dollars and spending wisely… yet, I also see the need to responsibly invest in education and the health and security of our community.

I’m for common sense leadership with the compassion to care for our veterans and seniors, and the character to ensure the safety and success of our children.

We need balanced experience that can actually enhance business and employment growth, while also caring for our most vulnerable neighbors.

We need common sense values that safeguard and empower the next generation while equipping the talented professionals who educate them.  We need to honor the heroes who serve and protect our community and our country.

My goal is to rebuild these common sense principals and restore the balance needed to be both wise and efficient with our tax dollars and budgets, to break the roadblocks that slow our success, and to create an environment where each of us is encouraged and empowered to build a brighter future for ALL of us together.

With your vote, I will dedicate my effort to help us reach these goals.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to make an educated vote.  Your active involvement is what helps make this such an amazing community.  It’s the reason Linda and I chose to raise our family here decades ago and what inspires us to stay involved.



We feel so blessed to be here and thank God for such kind and courageous people that make this such an incredible place to call home.  It would be my honor to represent you and the rest of our amazing and diverse district at the state level.

I believe that with freedom comes the responsibility to protect the blessings we enjoy today, to preserve the values that have built the best in us for generations, and to prepare for an even brighter future.

Your generous support continues to reveal what an active, intentional, and thoughtful community this really is.  Thank you for sharing the same heart for making this place the very best it can be… and for your part in making that a reality!


Paul Wagemann, Candidate
28th Legislative District, Washington State