University Place Candidate Forum

Please take time to watch the Pierce County League of Women Voter Candidate Forum featuring me, Steve O’Ban and our incumbent opponents Troy Kelly and Tami Green discussing the issues.

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Pierce County Council Candidate Forum

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Paul Wagemann’s “Service” TV Ad

Paul Wagemann’s “Contrast” TV Ad

What a Leader IS and DOES

A leader is someone who can be trusted, who responds to constituents and conducts business in the open. When you vote, consider Paul Wagemann’s open and frank responses on multiple subjects.

Paul replied to the Lakewood’s Promise questionnaire about children, youth, families and education.

Paul responded to the Tacoma News Tribune questionnaire published in yesterday’s paper about his experience and education, and provided feedback to the paper’s inquiry on the state budget, taxes, the economy, and jobs.

On the subjects of housing, racial justice, taxes, child care, jobs, education, predatory lending, and health care, Wagemann responded.

Paul is recognized for his character.

If you are considering another candidate, ask them to be open and share their thoughts on the difficult questions before they receive your vote. Please forward to all those in your circles-of-influence who believe a candidate for public office should be characterized by making their stands on the issues known.

Money or Integrity?

Winning an election is often seen as requiring name-recognition and money.  Integrity however trumps both.   Because that’s what’s needed most when it’s decision time.

Paul Wagemann is often asked what he will do when he gets to Olympia.  His reply says a great deal about him and about leadership.  His answer in a moment.

Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain wrote, “We know not the future, and cannot plan for it much.  But we can determine and know what manner of men we will be whenever and wherever the hour strikes.”

Chamberlain was commander of the 20th Regiment of Infantry, Maine Volunteers, that defended Little Round Top, just outside Gettysburg, on July 2, 1863.  With no bullets left, his troops depleted from 478 to a mere 200, they fixed bayonets and charged down the hill routing the men of the 15th Alabama led by Colonel Oates, taking twice their number in rebel prisoners, thus stymieing the Confederate push. 

Oates, who saw his own brother die in the battle, would later write, “There never were harder fighters than the Twentieth Maine men and their gallant colonel”  (The Leadership Moment, by Michael Useem).

Every year Useem takes his students from the Warton School’s Center for Leadership and Change Management, of which Useem is the director, to this historic site of the battle for Little Round Top to reflect on the lessons of leadership. 

‘What matters more,’ Paul Wagemann will say when asked what his plans are when elected, ‘is not what I’ll be doing, but who you’ll be sending.’

“Character,” wrote William Bennis, “is as vital in a leader as drive and competence.  It is not enough for a leader to do things right; he must do the right thing”  (On Becoming A Leader).

Please circulate this among those in your circle-of-influence, and encourage them to join you on a street corner of your choice in these last 12 days before the election.  We have a beautiful large banner and signs for your team!  Simply reply to this email with a time and place that works for you.

And check out this video on Paul.