Paul Wagemann is endorsed by many local community leaders.  The following is a brief list of personal and community-related endorsements.

Political Action Group Endorsements

Washington State Veterinary Medical Association

Washington Retail Association

National Rifle Association

Human Life Political Action Committee

Assoc Builders & Contractors PAC

CAMBIA Health Solutions

Human Life PAC

Insurance & Financial Advisors PAC

Liberty Mutual Group, Inc


Trucking Action Committee

Wash Food Industry Assoc PAC

Wash St Veterinary Medical Assoc PAC


Washington Restaurant PAC

Personal Endorsements

Steve and Donna Albers

Curt and Loraine Anderson

Dan and Kim Baker

Mandy and Scott Candler

Mike and Charlotte Carrell

Jim and Margit Cooper

Dan and Lori Durr

Raymond and Maura Egan

Dick and Maureen Elmquist

James and Virginia Eshelman

Elmer and Greta Fjermedal

Gary and Sharon Fulton

Bob and Jan Gee

John Green

Margie Harris

Jerry and Dorothy Hull

Marlyn Jensen

R William Johnson

John and Anne McDivitt

Dennis and Jackie Medford

Don and Deborah Mellott

Jane Milhans

Darron and Susan Nelson

Phyllis Nordlund

Dave and Barb Requa

Jose Salamanca

Rick and Judy Smedley

Dave and Rose Marie Stageberg

Wes and Judy Suiter

Burton Talcott

Ron and Gigi Talcott

Terry and Jan Torgenrud

Sheri and Ronald Van Dusen

Gene and Mary Ann Watson

John and Dianne West

Phil Whittenberg

Timothy and Jo Ann Wright