Facts On the Attacks

Paul Wagemann Credit Score

The previous (2014) race for 28th District State Representative proved to be very tight.  Paul Wagemann had the momentum following his primary win up against the very well respected entrepreneur businesswoman, Monique Trudnowski.  The unprecedented triumph surprised the local political establishment and the combined conservative numbers had the liberal opposition worried for the upcoming general election.
That’s when the deceptively named the Pierce County Opportunity PAC (“Political Action Committee”) formed and spent nearly $300,000 of regional and out of state funds that migrated through San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC (the “other” Washington)…  not to support their candidate Christine Kilduff, but to fabricate an attack against Paul.  In fact, more money was spent by the PAC on Kilduff’s behalf to mount this bigoted attack against Paul than was spent by her campaign to promote her.

To contrast both on spending and efficiency… Kilduff spent 55% more money to get nearly the same amount of votes as Wagemann was able to get for nearly $100,000 less.  But the truth is… her spending all that extra money didn’t even come close to winning the election by a fraction of 1%.  It was the attack of the Kilduff backing PAC that spent almost another $300,000 in fraudulently reported funds spent on her behalf that combined to barely win the race.

Not only did they fabricate a series of personal attacks, they also falsified documents required by the Public Disclosure Commission, misrepresenting who they were spending money for and against.  The money trail and 100% negative ads reveal that this PAC’s only campaign objective was to take down Paul in an attempt to buy the election for Kilduff and their causes.

The irony is that Christine Kilduff herself is a self-proclaimed “Diversity Trainer” and outspoken LGBTQ member and rights activist.  The question is… what kind of diversity trainer and rights activist just silently stands by and allows lies and hate speech made on her behalf… and says absolutely nothing?  If actions speak louder than words… her silence was deafening!

The other irony is that the creators of these ads not only don’t know or care about the truth… they probably don’t even know where Pierce County is. Though they likely had no problem taking a chunk of regional union dues from unsuspecting and hardworking Washingtonians to help pay for their hit pieces.  I’m sure there are more than a few surprised union workers reading this right now, realizing where some of your money goes without you having any say in the matter.  Fortunately, you don’t have to vote the way they tell you to.

The Kilduff PAC obviously didn’t check their facts before their attacks.  In the military we call that a, “Tactical Error.”

Thankfully you’re obviously smarter by actually doing your own research… which likely brought you here.

Many people just believe what they see without question. Thank you for breaking the trend and being an informed voter!

The issues they decided to focus their attack:
– A “Supposed” Lawsuit???
– Abortion
– Votes Paul supposedly made in the office he doesn’t yet have.
– A “Biblical World View”

Paul responds:

It’s rare that any two people share the same exact views 100% of the time on every issue… but I want you to know that as your “Representative” of our 28th District, my job would be to represent you and ALL our neighbors… and to study all the issues in-depth that will affect us as a community. That’s why I’ve been out going from home to home, family to family, face to face… several thousands of times over to visit more great people in this community than you could ever imagine. It has given me the opportunity to listen and hear you share your insights and goals for today and for our future generations.


As far as the attacks on me… The Tacoma News Tribune issued an article that proved their claim as, “False”. http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/10/29/3458842/smell-test-ads-against-wagemann.html
It has also been documented that those pushing Kilduff have proven to put out “especially misleading” attacks before… even against a candidate in THEIR OWN party that was running against them in the primary. http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/07/30/3310283/name-game-underway-in-state-house.html


As far as the other topics… here are the facts they omitted:


– A “Supposed” Lawsuit???

They’re claiming my company was sued and that I don’t pay my bills. Hmmm… If that were true, how would my credit rating you see above be 875? I’ve worked for, managed, and owned businesses, and have NEVER personally or professionally been sued in my life. They obviously didn’t bother with the truth and gambled that their lies would get them the win before the law could hold them accountable for their false and libelous claims.  Any attempt to try that tactic again this election will be met swiftly with the full force of the law.


– Abortion:
Abortion is a very personal and far more difficult topic. I’m NO ONE to condemn people for decisions they’ve made… and the nationwide law that has made it legal since 1973 can’t even be changed by mere district representatives. Truth is that the rare legislation about abortion in recent history (a small average of once or twice per term) has only had to do with aspects of parental consent, insurance and prescription issues, and the importance of a woman’s right to know the dangerous mental and physical consequences of abortion. None of these even come close to making it illegal as their ads would have you think.


If you asked me or even cared about my own personal opinion… I believe we now have the ultrasound technology that shows beyond the shadow of doubt that there is life inside the womb. This is a person with a living beating heart that can even feel pain within days or weeks of the time the mother typically recognizes she’s pregnant. I hope civilization will eventually recognize the growing mountain of evidence of life. When it comes to the (CDC statistical 1%) very rare… but still very sad reality and difficult issue of abortion due to rape… studies show that abortion only adds to the trauma and injustice already inflicted upon the mother. It also punishes an innocent baby for the sins of the baby’s father. I still believe that two wrongs don’t make a right. All that said… there’s just no chance that a guy representing the #2 position in the 28th district in 1 of the 50 states would ever even have the power to change national abortion law. Such an important topic would most appropriately have to be decided at the national level.


– Votes I supposedly made in the office I don’t yet have.
This is a confusing one but try to stay with me. Evidently, I have the ability to travel through time.. and though I wasn’t yet in the office that I’m currently running for… somehow this organization claims I voted to cut something. Wow! If only I could go back to the future to fix that… I would bring a few “true” hover-boards back with me in the DeLorean and try them out at the local skate park.


– A “Biblical World View”
What’s ironic about this is that they ridicule faith as if it’s a crime.  They aren’t just condemning me here.  They’re mounting a bigoted attack on all Christians who get comfort, inspiration, and direction from the most read, reproduced, and revered book in history! As they mock the Bible, they’re also actually mocking well over 100 churches and tens of thousands of our neighbors just here in the 28th district alone.  Groups of believers that help feed our poor, create shelters for our homeless, help those suffering from addiction and depression, rally to help those who suffer loss, and celebrate with those who overcome these obstacles on a daily basis.


The PAC backing Kilduff is obviously quite comfortable attacking people of faith.  This is the same sort of propaganda that Hitler used against the Jews, which is concerning for people of all faiths when one is persecuted for their views.


In fact, nearly all our founding fathers and every president we’ve ever had has held nearly the same “Biblical World View.” These ideals are at the foundation of both the Christian and Jewish faiths.  Many Hindus, Muslims, Agnostics, Atheists… the vast majority of other faiths and most good people who aren’t quite sure where they fit… still hold to the same basic ethics and ideals.   It’s the foundation and the moral basis of all current law in this country and nearly every free country in the world.
The core of this is really simply treating others the way you would want to be treated. (The “Golden Rule” that most of us were taught in school). It’s helping those among us who are less fortunate. It’s helping your neighbor and looking out for their best interest. It’s listening to others and doing everything you can to protect them and their families. It’s giving everyone dignity, standing up for what’s right, and training the next generation to have the same respect for this world, this community, and for each other.


This is the attack they actually got right… Yep… this is my “World View.”


If you share a similar world view… I hope I can count on you to join me and express your freedom to even have a “view” by voting with me.


Paul Wagemann