What a Leader IS and DOES

A leader is someone who can be trusted, who responds to constituents and conducts business in the open. When you vote, consider Paul Wagemann’s open and frank responses on multiple subjects.

Paul replied to the Lakewood’s Promise questionnaire about children, youth, families and education.


Paul responded to the Tacoma News Tribune questionnaire published in yesterday’s paper about his experience and education, and provided feedback to the paper’s inquiry on the state budget, taxes, the economy, and jobs.


On the subjects of housing, racial justice, taxes, child care, jobs, education, predatory lending, and health care, Wagemann responded.


Paul is recognized for his character.


If you are considering another candidate, ask them to be open and share their thoughts on the difficult questions before they receive your vote. Please forward to all those in your circles-of-influence who believe a candidate for public office should be characterized by making their stands on the issues known.

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