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Wagemann Press Release – 1/5/2012

Wagemann Press Release – 8/12/10 (PDF File)

News Articles

Ready To Run—Future Candidates Now Equipped                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Wagemann completes candidate training at the Leadership Institute.

28th District Races Take Spotlight
More than in most districts in the state, voters in the 28th District will help decide the shape of the Legislature on Nov. 2.

Election battles could change shape of Olympia
GOP candidates have been working hard as they try to unseat incumbent Democrats.

News Tribune – Swing Votes

Lakewood Promises
Wagemann responds to Lakewood Promises’ “Message to Political Candidates” regarding how they are helping the youth of their community and State.

Statewide Poverty Action Network
POVERTY ACTION surveyed candidates running for offices that have the power to affect your ability to meet your basic needs and have the opportunity to prosper. Please see Paul Wagemann’s response to the survey.

News Tribune – Candidate Voter Information


Paul Wagemann Interview – KLAY Talk Radio 1180 (Audio File)