Our Campaign

What is your vision as a voter? The fact that you’re even reading this shows that you’re informed, intentional, and that you take your freedom to vote and elect your representatives seriously.

Paul Wagemann has been living, working, and serving right here in the 28th district for decades and has the reputation, honor, commitment, and experience to best lead and represent our community with excellence!

He’s the only candidate who has the unique combination of:

  • Both vast and diverse experience managing both small and large businesses and staff.
  • Leadership and multi-military commendations with the Marines, Air Force, Navy, and NASA.
  • Finance and lending expertise, as well as budget balancing and funding experience.
  • Local leadership roles in education, local government, business, and transportation.                                                                                                   

He knows what it takes as a manager and business owner to budget, invest, and create a sustainable income for both owners and employees and their families that count on each paycheck to survive.

He understands that a smaller, more efficient government costs us less as taxpayers, allowing us to keep more of that paycheck to invest in our own future.  It opens boundless opportunities to build on our successes, to grow toward our potential, and to cultivate more jobs, better businesses, and greater opportunities throughout our community.


Starting his career in the military, Paul rose through the ranks to Officer, Squadron Commander, and was eventually offered the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He’s been a decorated fighter pilot and gained cross-branch military experience with the Marines, Air Force, Navy, and NASA.  Paul is the candidate with the kind of leadership that servicemen and women around the world have counted on and trusted with their lives.

Paul grew up on a dairy farm and learned at a young age to respect God’s creation.  After serving our country for over 20 years, Paul transitioned to a civilian career as an entrepreneur in business.  With experience from the trades to technology, real estate to retail, as well as budget funding to financing… Paul has gained a vast depth of experience that continues to grow.  Those experiences have prepared Paul with actual first-hand knowledge of the issues facing business owners, managers, and employees.paul-wagemann-montage-career

His multidimensional service and career life has given him the unique ability to see and hear issues from different perspectives and come up with the best solutions that work for everyone involved.

Paul also worked to prove in the 2014 primary that hard work, respect, and responsible spending can prevail.  After all, that’s what we expect of our government… to lead by example.

In contrast, the liberal challenger Kilduff spent nearly 55% more on her own campaign.  On top of that… the PAC (“Political Action Committee”) pushing for their causes through Killduff spent nearly another $300,000… all to falsely attack Paul.  Their money trail of regional and outside attack funds migrated through San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC.   (Click here for more facts on the attacks.)

The combined over half a million dollar deception behind Kilduff just barely bought them a win by less than 1% of the votes.  This time though, the truth is exposed and informed voters are questioning why the opposition would spend so much money to get their candidate into office.  Her voting record and stance on several controversial and divisive social issues now speaks for itself.

This election year has already proven for both parties that voters are tired of being told how to think and how to vote.  We’re tired of our elections and politicians being bought by cronyism, PAC’s and outside interests.  This is our opportunity to take our elections back and make decisions that are best for our own community.


Paul’s vision represents common sense,
his values reflect our conscience,
and his service reveals the character and commitment
we need to represent OUR community.

The work that Paul has done here has already had a positive impact for generations… mentoring hundreds in leadership, business, ethics and community outreach programs that have brought together our local churches, community organizations, and businesses to help care for the needs and improve the lives of our neighbors.

His service also includes becoming Chairman of the Citizens Transportation Committee which transitioned to Commissioner of the Lakewood Planning Commission.  Helping to shape the future of local education, Paul was elected and re-elected to serve as a Clover Park School District Board Director.  He was also most recently elected as a Pierce County Charter Review Commissioner.


Paul appeals to voters on both sides of the aisle because he breaks the stereotype of partisan politics. He shows a balance of kindness and compassion, is quick to listen, and will also stand up for our best interest.  Paul has stayed committed, never given up, and will use that same persistence to represent this community and make our future the best and brightest it can be.

Paul has the experience, the service, the values, integrity, and decades of commitment to OUR community.  It all adds up to make it clear.

We ALL win with Wagemann!


Remember to vote for Paul Wagemann

State Representative – 28th district.